If a company has come to the end of its life, either because it has reached a natural conclusion or because it cannot afford to pay its bills, it should be formally wound up in order to deal with any outstanding issues and to ensure that the company directors have properly discharged their directors’ duties. 


If you run a company in Rotherham that needs winding up, call us today for expert advice. We are company winding up specialists based in Rotherham, helping company directors in and around Rotherham to deal legally and responsibly with their company if it needs to be wound up.


Closing down a company can be a stressful and time-consuming matter and there are all sorts of issues that can arise during the winding up of a company. Moorhead Savage are company winding up experts, based in Rotherham and helping business owners to wind up their companies by handing all aspects of the winding up.


As Rotherham based winding up experts, we are licensed, qualified and experienced in dealing with all aspects of closing a company and we are able to step in to deal with everything, from the initial planning to concluding the winding up and having the company struck off the register.


Once you have instructed Moorhead Savage to wind up your company, you can get on with your life and you can even set up or be involved in another limited company in future – there is no automatic ban on directors from starting a new company. If you would like more advice on this, call us today on 01709 331300