Time for a trim!

I honestly never thought that I would be able to grow enough facial hair to actually worry about whether it was getting untidy – but I’m pleased to report that I have now reached the point where a trim is required!

So, off to the excellent Murdock of London (I happen to be in London anyway, I haven’t travelled all the way just for the mo’!) in Libertys. A quick consultation with the extremely helpful head barber Alex Grover and it was time for a trim. I’m rather pleased with it – and the best bit was, I got the mo’ trimmed for free as I am growing the ‘tash for Movember! Thanks guys!

My newly trimmed 'tash!

My newly trimmed 'tash!

I’m rather pleased with it! If you think it looks good – or silly, for that matter – please go to my Mo’Space page and make a donation at


Thank you – your donations make it all worthwhile!

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