More than half way through Movember

It’s 19th Movember and things are going well! Now I know that it looks more like a beard than a moustache to the untrained eye, but I can assure you that it is actually a perfectly good moustache flying in close formation with some additional hairs that have been left unshaved to keep them company!

The plan is to trim the ‘tash later in the month, but I’m not sure what shape to go for or what style to choose. To be honest, I didn’t think that I’d get this far, so I’m now rather pleased that I’ve got a choice to make about what shape to go for.

19th Movember and the 'tash looks like a beard!

19th Movember and the 'tash looks like a beard!

It’s also getting rather scratchy and itchy, which I wasn’t really expecting. How do people manage with beards for any length of time? Either they must get used to it, or I’m doing something wrong. I’ve heard that conditioner is the thing to keep it soft, so my wife will wonder why her conditioner is getting used up quickly!

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