Do you run a business in Sheffield? Are you worried about financial problems and poor cashflow? If so, you may be considering putting your company into liquidation.


Liquidation is the recommended route for companies that are unable to continue to trade because they cannot afford to pay their bills. Whether it is tax bills, rent, business rates, wages or suppliers – if there is no money to pay them, your business is insolvent. You may also have approached your bank for help and been turned down – banks rarely offer to increase overdrafts or provide loans when they know that a company is struggling.


It can be difficult to know where to look for liquidation advice in Sheffield. Your accountant probably isn’t an expert on liquidation and it is important to take advice from a liquidation expert who can advise on all aspects of liquidation – what will it mean for you as a director, or for your employees, or for your creditors?


If you are thinking about taking liquidation advice in Sheffield, speak to Moorhead Savage today on 0333 939 0115. We will explore all the options with you and help you to decide whether a liquidation is the best option for your company. If it is, we can deal with all aspects of liquidation, from the initial formalities through to all the practical and often unpleasant matters such as dealing with employees, rent arrears, HMRC and the bank.


We can answer all your questions about liquidation and give you expert advice on all aspects of liquidation.


For liquidation advice in Sheffield, call Moorhead Savage today on 0333 939 0115 We can help.