Founded in 2009, Moorhead Savage has been providing Insolvency Practitioner services in and around Leeds for five years. From our Yorkshire offices, including our office conveniently located next to the A1M in east Leeds, we offer a comprehensive range of business and personal insolvency services. These include personal debt advice, company insolvency consultancy services and business cashflow advice.


As a firm of licensed Insolvency Practitioners, you can be certain that you will benefit from impartial advice from regulated advisors. Whatever your situation, our experience and expertise in insolvency matters means that we will tailor our advice to your unique situation and we will design a bespoke package of measures that will address the key issues and provide relief from unaffordable levels of debt.


What is an insolvency practitioner?


An insolvency practitioner is a person who has achieved the necessary level of professional training and practical experience to be able to advise businesses and individuals on their options for dealing with insolvency. Beware unlicensed and unregulated ‘debt advisors’ who lack the necessary training and experience. Moorhead Savage is led by Dr Paul Moorhead, an award-winning Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. Paul was named ‘Corporate Insolvency Practitioner of the Year’ in 2013 at the prestigious Insolvency and Rescue Awards, so you can be certain that you will receive high quality advice and practical solutions by contacting Moorhead Savage.


What will it cost to get advice from an insolvency practitioner at Moorhead Savage?


If you are struggling with insolvency and debt problems, it is vital that you take advice from a qualified and licensed Insolvency Practitioner. At Moorhead Savage, we offer businesses in and around Leeds a completely free and no-obligation consultation with a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. During the consultation you will find out all the options that are available for dealing with your insolvency problem and you will then be able to make an informed decision about which route is right for you.


What do I do next?


Call us today on 0113 834 6657 to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation with an insolvency practitioner.