Final day of Movember!

Well, here it is, folks, the final day of Movember! I have to say, it has been a strange month, trying to cope with the unfamiliar whiskers growing on my face. I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed the experience – it has been interesting, but I’ll be glad to shave it off. And my wife will be even more pleased to see it shaved off.

Paul's Movember mo!

Paul's Movember mo!

I can’t decide if it’s just my imagination, or have people been treating me differently since I’ve had my moustasche? I feel like I get the occasional glance, perhaps people who are wondering whether this is a Movember growth or my normal look. And I did have a meeting with someone a few days ago during which they stared at my moustache the whole time in a rather disconcerting way!

Overall, the comments that I have received have been positive and encouraging, and I am very grateful for all the kind words of support that I have received over the past few weeks. In the last few days, since I had the ‘mo trimmed, I’ve had quite few people comment that it suits me… hopefully in a good way!

But we are getting to the end of the road for the ‘mo. It will be shaved off soon.

But first, I need to raise a bit more money, to make it all worthwhile. So if you haven’t made a donation for Movember this year, please visit my Mo’Space page and make a donation – any amounts gratefully accepted, and all in a good cause. Here’s link to my Mo’Space page:

Many thanks!