Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m thinking of starting a business but I don’t know where to start – can you help?

Yes! We have lots of experience in preparing business plans, cash flow forecasts and marketing plans for new businesses. We can also introduce you to sources of free or subsidised help on a range of topics that are relevant for new businesses.

2. I am keen to develop my business but I need financial support. Can you help me to find potential sources of financial support?

We work closely with a network of local business support agencies so we have up-to-date knowledge of what help is available.

3. My business has become stagnated. How can I move it forward?

It is very common for businesses to become ‘stalled’ at a certain stage of their development. We can help business owners to review their current position and help prepare business plans and forecasts to get their businesses to the next level.

4. I am looking for someone to help me with my accounts, can you help?

We are not accountants however we work closely with many local accountants and we would be pleased to introduce you to a local firm who you can talk to about your accounting needs.

Important notice

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