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We are award-winning liquidation specialists, with years of experience of dealing with companies going into Creditors Liquidation. As licensed CVL experts, we can deal with all aspects of a CVL, from advising the board of directors about their responsibilities, to arranging meetings of shareholders and creditors to place the company into liquidation, and dealing with the liquidation itself.


Why is it called a ‘Creditors Voluntary Liquidation’ or CVL?


A liquidation is the recommended route for a company that is insolvent – in other words, it has run out of money – and needs to be wound up. It is a ‘voluntary’ liquidation because the company itself starts the proceedings by appointing an insolvency practitioner to deal with the liquidation, rather than a creditor asking the court to wind up a company compulsorily. It is a ‘creditors’ voluntary liquidation because creditors are invited to a meeting to ratify the appointment of the liquidator and to agree how he is paid for winding up the company.


I think a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) may be the right route for my company. What do I do next?


Call us today and one of our friendly CVL experts will discuss the details and agree with you the next steps to place your company into CVL. You can meet with us face-to-face at our Yorkshire-based head office, or at your premises, or at a convenient location in the UK.


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