If your company is experiencing cash flow problems, it can be difficult to know what to do next. A Company Voluntary Arrangement or CVA can be a powerful and flexible tool to rescue your company and keep you in business.


You are being pressed for payment by creditors, suppliers, the tax man (HMRC), your landlord, utility suppliers… the list is endless. And if you have employees, the biggest worry is not letting them down and having to make them redundant – but you can’t afford to pay their redundancy payments either. It can seem like the only thing to do is to close the doors and walk away. But you have spent years setting up your business and invested your time and money into the company – what if something could be done to rescue the company?


You know that your company could survive and thrive if only the current creditors would stop hassling you for payment and you can concentrate on your business.


Good news. This is when a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) can help.


There is a way of agreeing a repayment plan with all your creditors that will allow the company to carry on trading and safeguard your business, your employees’ jobs and allow the business to move forward without having to worry about unpaid bills and tax demands. This repayment plan is called a Company Voluntary Arrangement or CVA.


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