Here you can find out what help is available for businesses in Sheffield that need business rescue or business recovery . We explain how that service can benefit your business and what the next steps are for the rescue and recovery of your business.


What is business recovery and business rescue?


Business recovery generally refers to situations where a business has started to show signs of underperformance. This can be caused by all sorts of factors. These can include reduced profit margins, loss of key customers, slow payment by customers, or the loss of key members of staff. In this situation, the company may be able to recover with the help of a business recovery plan. This plan will identify areas of weakness in the business. It will also describe what needs to be done to bring the company back to full health. Business rescue refers to situations where a company is showing signs of distress. Urgent measures need to be taken to try to rescue the company before it is forced to close altogether.


I think my Sheffield-based business may need recovery/rescue. How can Moorhead Savage help?


Moorhead Savage is a specialist turnaround and insolvency practice based in the Sheffield City Region. We provide a comprehensive range of business recovery and business rescue services to firms in and around Sheffield. Headed by award-winning insolvency practitioner Dr Paul Moorhead, Moorhead Savage has helped many companies through recovery and rescue situations.


If you are a firm of insolvency practitioners, won’t you just recommend that the company goes bust?


No! We spend at least as much time helping businesses to recover and continue trading as we do dealing with companies that need to close down. We make sure that we have explored all the options before we recommend any course of action. We promise that our advice will be entirely impartial and tailored to your company’s current situation.


I think I need the help of a business turnaround and rescue expert. What do I do next?


Call Dr Paul Moorhead and his team on 0114 303 1300 today to find out how we can help your business.