For businesses in Leeds, Moorhead Savage has a local Leeds based office to provide quick, practical and professional advice on business recovery and rescue.


Business owners can sometimes find that their company has run into difficulties- often through no fault of their own, but due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the loss of a major customer, withdrawal of bank finance or even fraud. Whatever the reasons, once a company starts to struggle, it can become very difficult to get it back on track and performing well again. Financial problems can be time-consuming and difficult to overcome, so bringing in a business recovery and business rescue expert is recommended.


Many business owners in the Leeds area are not aware of what can be done to rescue a struggling business. It isn’t just a case of closing down an underperforming business: there are a number of ways of rescuing a struggling business and a business recovery expert like Moorhead Savage can advise on all aspects of business recovery and business rescue, from the initial formalities through to all the practical issues that can arise in a turnaround scenario.


The good news is that many companies in and around Leeds are successfully able to go through business recovery and business turnaround situations each year.


To find out what business rescue and business recovery options are applicable to your company, call Moorhead Savage today to explore all your options. We can formulate a business rescue plan to ensure that your business recovery goes as smoothly as possible.


Call our Leeds office today on 0113 834 6657 to speak to a business recovery and rescue specialist and get your business back on track.