Decided to go bankrupt?  z

Our Bankruptcy Petition Service makes it straightforward and understandable

Once you have decided that bankruptcy is the right option for you, you may find that the paperwork is confusing and difficult to complete. So why not use our Bankruptcy Petition Service to help you through the process.

Many people say to us that they feel that “a weight has been lifted from their shoulders” when they decide to go bankrupt. They feel that the burden of coping with cripplingly high debt is gone and they can move forward with a fresh start. But often the paperwork and formalities of petitioning for your own bankruptcy means that it can be daunting and confusing.

We have lots of experience in helping people to complete the paperwork that is required to make yourself bankrupt. As licensed Insolvency Practitioners, we routinely see bankruptcy from all angles. This gives us the experience to guide you through the formalities of petitioning for your own bankruptcy with no fuss or confusion. This reduces the stress and worry, leaving you better informed and better prepared.

You can sit down with us, either at our offices, at your home or at another suitable location, and we will help you to complete all the forms and paperwork, to the stage where it is completed, checked and an appointment has been made with the court. If you are eligible for reduced court fees, we will help you to fill in the forms for that, too.

The Bankruptcy Petition Service from Moorhead Savage is available for a one-off fee of just £375 plus VAT or £500 plus VAT for two people with linked financial affairs. This may be paid in installments if necessary – call us for details.

Questions? For more details of the Bankruptcy Petition Service, call Paul Moorhead and the team on 01709 331300.