A New Year Resolution: Deal With Mounting Debts

Christmas may be a distant memory but for many, festive spending on presents, parties and having fun has left an unwelcome pile of debt. Unplanned spending on special occasions like Christmas can be the ‘last straw’ for those who were already struggling to pay their bills. As the credit card statements arrive through the post, millions of people across the country will be left with a debt hangover which they wish they could leave behind. The New Year brings an opportunity for new resolutions and a chance to deal with debt which has grown to unsustainable levels.

It is all too easy to allow debt to build up – credit and store cards, overdrafts, loans and catalogue purchases can build up slowly over the years. As long as the repayments are affordable, it’s not a problem to deal with debts. But if the debts grow to the point that the payments become unaffordable, the problem can spiral out of control.

The key to dealing with debt is to take advice as soon as it becomes clear that there is a problem. It can be tempting to ignore the matter, but it won’t simply go away.

The good news is that help is at hand to deal with debt, once and for all. Debt advice is available to anyone struggling with debts, across the country.

Depending on the level of debt, we at Moorhead Savage can arrange a repayment plan with creditors, reducing monthly payments and easing the burden of high levels of credit repayments. In some cases, these repayment plans can include writing off some of the debt if it is simply too high to be repaid in a reasonable timescale. In other cases, there are even methods to get the entire debt written off, if it is clear that the debt is never likely to be repaid. These approaches are powerful tools in the fight against unaffordable debt and are designed to help those with serious debt problems. It may sound too good to be true, but the reality is that there are procedures in the Insolvency Act which allow licensed practitioners to bring debt adjustment and debt relief to those who are suffocating under the weight of their debts. But everyone’s situation is different and for this reason it is vital that you seek expert advice to help deal with debt, from a properly licensed and experienced professional, as soon as possible.

The team at Moorhead Savage have helped thousands of people to deal with debt problems and get back in control of their finances, giving people a fresh start, free from the worry of debt and easing the burden of money worries.

So call Moorhead Savage today on 01709 331300 for a free and confidential initial consultation, where we can outline all your options to help you deal with debt and decide which route is best for you.

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